The Company for trade in agricultural crops and  production of wheat flour

Besides its main kind of activity – i. e. trade in cereal crops and oil crops — LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET actively develops other types of activity, such as growing of agricultural crops and production of flour.


LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET cultivates annually fertile black soil, which is located in the North-West of Odessa Region. As to the quality of soil and the level of rainfall, this area is the most favourable for growing agricultural crops in Odessa Region.

LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET” carries out growing of various grain and oil crops as follows:

● wheat grain;
● barley grain;
● maize grain;
● sunflower seeds.




The milling complex of LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET” was put into operation since

2009 and it is a semi-automatic line for processing wheat into the finished product – the flour. In future it is planned to carry out automatization of the existing milling complex.

LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET”   produces wheat flour of high and the first grade. As differentiated from the traditional milling technology, grain at our mill is washed at the beginning of the process of production and then it is left to absorb moisture in clean condition. At the final stage we get a clean and useful product, which is distinguished with its excellent food and cooking characteristics, which ensures ideal baking qualities. The flour is packed  into polypropylene bags with the logo “ECO-INTECHMARKET”  with the weight 50 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg and 5 kg, as well as into paper packets 2 kg each.



During production of wheat flour, parallel to it, such product as bran is formed. It is a hard shell of grains, which is received after grain milling. Wheat bran is in great demand in animal husbandry.  It is multi-purpose fodder, which is suitable for majority of animal breeds and varieties of agricultural poultry and animals.

LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET” is ready for dispatch of wheat bran with loading the product into containers for export.


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