The Company for trade in agricultural crops and production of wheat flour

“ECO-INTECHMARKET” is an agro-industrial enterprise of full cycle. We are provided with our own truck fleet, which makes it possible for us to deliver grain and flour to the point of destination in the shortest possible time. The grain, purchased from farming units, undergoes control of quality at our laboratory, then follows the process of its drying and cleaning in accordance with acting standards. Subsequent storage of grain in silos at our own transshipment warehouses reduces to a minimum its natural loss in the period of storage. Our production  capacities make it also possible for us to provide these services to residential areas and farming units.


LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET”   has its own truck fleet of grain carriers: MAN, DAF, and RENAULT. Average load-carrying capacity of a truck  is 45 t.

Regular checks of the technical condition and timely repairs are the guarantee of 100% good condition of our transport. All the trucks are supplied with GPS – navigation system, which makes it possible to track the whereabouts of the truck, its movement and fuel consumption at any time of the day.

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Quality control of the grain and products of its processing in the sphere of agribusiness was and remains to be the most important issue, as the quality of the grain, which was grown, and precision of indicators of quality, received as a result of their further analyses, are the guarantee of financial well-being. Every lot of raw materials, coming to our Company, and every lot of grain, coming from our Company, undergoes a laboratory control. Our certified laboratory is complete with moisture measuring devices, batchers, laboratory mills, devices for determining deformation of gluten, scales, devices for determining falling number, cabinets for drying; the laboratory takes a direct participation in carrying out control of the temperature and moisture content of grain in storage and in processing.



Clean condition of grain is one of the most important indicators of its quality. Freshly (recently) harvested lots of grain include not only the grain of the main crop, but also various admixtures. It is obligatory to clean the grain in special machines after harvesting.

LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET” provides services in cleaning so that the grain reaches the proper conditioning indicators for oil and cereals crops with utilization of equipment for cleaning of grain, which cleans grain from impurities (admixtures) effectively and quickly, it also removes substandard grain of improper geometric sizes, which differ in their aerodynamic properties. All these stages of technological improvements are under control of the specialists of the Company and our production laboratory.



The main task in drying cereal and oil crops is to reduce the moisture content to values at which the grain can be safely put for prolonged storage, without danger of appearance of a potential fire source. However drying process is not only a method of reducing the moisture content in grain. If the drying schedule has been properly picked up, physiological ripening of grain and improvement of its quality take place.

The technology of our drier makes it possible to maintain strictly and clearly the preset heating schedule and the cooling with utilization of design (estimated) volume of air. The heating and drying of grain are carried out by hot air, which is formed in the heat exchanger, which excludes penetration of direct gases into the grain.

A wide range of the working schedules of the grain drier makes it possible to vary the percentage of reducing the moisture content in one pass, depending on the specific quality of the crop. Steady work of the drier is provided by optimal distribution of the grain stream throughout all the volume of the drying column.



LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET” carries out transshipment of cereal crops at its own grain terminals. General characteristics of the grain terminals are as follows:

  • grain cargoes are received from auto transport with capacity 1000 t per day (20-25 trucks) in a hangar, which is protected from bad weather conditions;
  • terminals carry out receipt and temporary storage of grain cargoes in metal tanks produced by the Canadian company “Twister” with the storage volume 2667 cubic metres;
  • they carry out shipment on trucks, as well as into railway wagons – grain carriers to our own railway siding with capacity 1000 t/day.

All operations of receipt and shipment of grain cargoes are carried out through electronic tensometric scales (RW, auto).



LLC “ECO-INTECHMARKET” provides services in processing of wheat into flour on a tolling basis. We produce flour of high grade and the first grade, which possesses its excellent food and cooking characteristics. The capacity of the milling complex is 40 tons per day. Average flour extraction rate is 70% of flour and 27 % of bran.

After processing flour and bran can be put into packings both into our  polypropylene bags and into packings of our customers.


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